About Our Company

Smyrna Pet Food, as a member of the 50-year-old Arpacıoğlu Group, is the distributor of the world’s leading brands, apart from the production with own brands.

Under the Smyrna Pet brand, it includes Pro Performance, Nature’s Protection, Animal World, Hypaw and Pisi Pisi brands. Through pet shops and exclusive veterinary clinics across Turkey delivers to pet owners.

Protecting the health and happiness of our pet friends is our main philosophy. Since our establishment, we have been continuing our work in this direction by adopting our philosophy as a principle. We always carry on our commercial activities to our customers and suppliers within the framework of ethical rules.

We export to the Far East, the Arabian Peninsula, Israel, few countries in Europe, and primarily Turkey. We supply raw materials from 13 countries. All the foods we produce are designed and offered for use in accordance with Full and Balanced nutrition. We keep the ingredients we use in the formulas of the foods we produce as pure as possible. We do not use additives like preservatives, colorants, flavor enhancers, etc.